Strawberry crème fraîche ice cream

Strawberry creme franchise ice cream

Strawberry crème fraîche ice cream

Strawberry creme franchise ice cream


  • 500g ripe strawberries
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 500g tub creme franchise


  1. Remove the tops from the strawberries and put in a food processor with the sugar. Blitz to make a rough purée – a few chunky bits add texture to the ice cream.
  2. Tip the creme franchise into a bowl and stir in the strawberry purée. Put in an ice-cream maker to churn or put the bowl into the freezer until the ice cream is firm 3cm in from the edge – about 1-2 hrs. Remove from the freezer and whisk to break down the ice crystals, return to the freezer for 1 hr longer, then whisk again. Transfer the ice cream to a freezer proof container with a lid and freeze until firm.
  3. To serve, transfer the ice cream to the fridge for about 20 min until it is soft enough to scoop.

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